GTA 6 New Cars, Rare Bikes and Hidden Trucks Autos List

In the previous GTA 5, a total of 227 vehicles were featured. This included real-world cars, boats, planes and more. That is the highest number of vehicles experienced so far in any GTA version. The number is expected to rise in its successor, GTA 6. Not only will the number increase but the vehicles will be way cooler with better appearance and performance.

gta 6 bikes, new cars, rare trucks

The hot and most rumored game, vice city 6 is expected to be released in late 2018. Some of the GTA 6 hidden cars, rare trucks and bikes expected to come with it include;

Grand Theft Auto 6 Cars, Rare Truck and Bikes List

Cadillac CTS Car

This amazing third generation car is among the most awaited cars not only in the game, but in the real world as well. It is going to comprise of a 6.2 literLT4. The horsepower will be rated at 600 and will send the squawk to the rear tires using the new 8-speed automatic of GM.

Chrysler 200

Industry first and iconic are just some of the buzzwords used to describe this all new 200. The vehicle is powered by a 3.6 liter V-6, having an increase of 12 horsepower as compared to before.

Beach bum vehicles

This contains four vehicles that are beach themed, many clothes that are beach themed, 2 weapons, and new tattoos among many other things. A wide scope of innovation is left in this area as well. Players can get a wide range of new vehicles both on the sea and beach.

Harley Davison bikes

There are various bike from Harley which are already included in the game, but an addition of new ones like the V-Night ROD Special will be included in the new GTA 6. The performance of these bikes in the game will likely match the performance of the real-world bikes.


FuroreGT is already a part of GTA 5, but it is almost a guarantee that the Furore formula car will be included in the Grand Theft Auto 6. A lot of various other formula cars are likely to be included, adding adventure in the game.

grand theft auto 6 hidden vehicles

How to get hidden GTA 6 bikes, cars, and trucks?

There is no predetermined way of getting any hidden vehicle in the game yet. For now, we will stick with the usual way which is exploring. Perhaps after the launch of the game, some new tricks will be discovered. There will be some gta 6 cheats that you need to apply to unlock such hidden vehicles.

Sometime you can earn such gaming stuff by completing hard and private missions. But if you don’t want to complete such mission and still looking ride on such modern and new bikes then you should try to find out vice city 6 glitches.

Limitations of Grand Theft Auto 6

The only limitation that is not likely to affect many, is the PC requirements. With improved graphics and features, it is expected that computer specification requirements will also be higher, but it will be worth it.

Hidden Vehicle selection in GTA6

With the high number of vehicles in the game, getting to know which one to use for a particular mission might be a bit of a challenge. Simply relate it to real-life experiences and go with what you normally would have preferred. If the mission is on the beach, for example, choose from the various beach cars available. If you are going to get military related mission then you should try to find gta 6 rare trucks that can save you and help you to complete your mission easily.


All the mentioned hidden GTA 6 cars and bikes are just merely expectations of what is to come. There are no solid confirmations from Rockstar as to whether or no they will be included. We just have to wait and see. You can tell us which exact vehicle you want. You just need to add your comments here!