GTA 6 Cheats and Codes for PS3, Xbox 360, PC

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA VI) is one of the hottest games in the market so it was just a matter of time before someone gathered the best cheats and consolidated them in one place, this is that place so without further delay now is the time to start looking at the cheats. Something to note is that this list is not all inclusive so before anyone complains please remember the disclaimer, there are new cheats being discovered all of the time so it would be prudent to check back often to stay on top. With the game constantly evolving there is no limit to the total amount of fun an individual can have so pull up a controller and let’s start gaming.

Best Grand Theft Auto 6 Cheat Codes

In both the Xbox and Playstation editions a player can activate the invincibility feature by following these precise steps. On the Xbox the gamer needs to key in the following, Right D-pad, “A”, Right D-pad, Left D-pad, “RB” button, Right D-pad, Left D-pad, “A”,”Y”, while this may seem like a complex series of buttons it is pretty easy to activate invincibility and totally worth it.

To activate the invincibility cheat for the PlayStation version of GTA VI the gamer would need to hit the following buttons in the precise series specified. Right D-pad, “X”,Right D-Pad, Left D-pad, Right D-pad, “R1”, Right D-pad, Left D-pad, “X”, “triangle”. If all of these steps were followed then the character will become invincible which will really make the game interesting.

If invincibility is not desired and want to give the competition a fighting chance then a player could simply max out their health and body armor, while the result is nearly the same as invincibility it adds a degree of challenge to the game.

Maximum Armor & Body Health

To activate Grand Theft Auto 6 cheat on the Xbox the player will need to key in the following buttons. “B”, “LB”, “Y”,”RT”, “A”, “X”, “B”, Right D-pad, “X”, “LB”,”LB”,”LB”, and if all of these buttons are pushed in the right sequence then the character will have both maximum body health and armor.

gta6 ps3 and xbox 360 cheats

In order to leverage the maximum armor and body health cheat on the PlayStation the gamer will need to type in the following buttons. “Circle”, “L1”, “Triangle”, “R2”, “X”, “Square”, “Circle”, Right D-pad, “Square”, “L1”, “L1”, “L1”, if all of these buttons are pressed then the character will have maximum body health and armor.

These are just a few of the cheat codes that will help take the Vice city VI experience to an entirely new level. Another cheat that should make the game more interesting is “Moon Gravity” which will give your character the ability to move around in the game as if they were dealing with the gravity on the moon.

The following GTA6 cheats will work for both Xbox and PlayStation.

Xbox Moon Gravity Cheat : Left D-pad, Left D-pad, “L1”, “R1”, “L1”, Right D-pad, Left D-pad, “L1”, Left D-pad. If the gamer followed these suggestions then the character will have access to the moon gravity cheat.

In order to activate this cheat on the PlayStation the gamer will need to type in the following buttons. Left D-pad, Left D-pad, “L1”, “R1”, “L1”, Right D-pad, Left D-pad, “L1”, Left D-pad, which should unlock this feature.

Another area to cover aside from the various cheats is the ability to use DNS codes to exploit GTA VI. Something to mention before moving forward is these DNS servers are not all inclusive just like the other cheats so please keep that in mind while reading. Since these servers are owned by private individuals no warranties can be made however the information being provided is accurate at time of publishing. While using these DNS servers it should be noted that this is breaking the rules for playing GrandTheftAuto and an individual could have their account flagged making it impossible for them to play GTA 6 trailer online so this is something that should be taken into consideration when reviewing the various DNS servers.

Proposed Benefits Associated With This Particular DNS Server : GodMode, Snow, Free Collectors Edition for Xbod users.

I.P. Address :

This server instantly moves a user up to level 200.

I.P. Address :

I.P. Address : let a person access the GodMode, XP, Large amounts of cash, Cheater’s Pool Bypass.

I.P. Address : :, Winter, Christmas, Cheater’s Bypass.

Finding Cheats for GTA VI in PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360

Since these are just some of the cheats it would be wise to try all of them to decide which one is the best. In order to reap the full benefit of all GTA VI a gamer needs to start using these cheats or they could spend months or years in some cases to achieve what a few simple strokes of the keyboard can produce. While these cheats are helpful it would be wise to carefully screen the websites that are offering them to make sure they are legitimate. The only way to do that effectively is to look for reviews made by people who have applied these cheats.

A simple way to find feedback left by individuals is to look on websites like Facebook and read the reviews made by other individuals. After reading over all of the comments that were made it should become abundantly clear which of these websites can be trusted and which cannot. It would be unwise to pay for these “cheats” since they are nothing more than exploited weaknesses in the game code and the “seller” is actually breaking the rules so they cannot in all honesty ask for payment.

GTA VI is going to go down in the record books as one of the best games to ever hit a platform and if a person is serious about playing regardless of what platform they are using they need the latest cheats and this is the place to get them.