GTA 6 Location Rumors and Ideas – London, Paris, Chicago

Grand Theft Auto has already had a series of settings in various cities. The most commonly known are probably San Andreas and the Liberty City. Both of these settings were greatly inspired by the Los Angeles and the City of New York respectively. Despite the fact that these locations were so amazing, it is expected that Grand Theft Auto 6 will release some new locations, totally different from what the fans are already used to. This is a sure way of keeping all gamers and lovers of GTA interested as well as to compete with other free form sandbox style titles.

grand theft auto 6 location rumors

It would be quite nice to see more exotic locations, but the more mundane locations can also work pretty well. After all, the locations can’t be made up just from thin air. There are various existing locations that are wonderfully vibrant as well as cities that are so lively, all around the planet. Most of the previous titles took place in the United States, and whether that trend will change with the GTA 6 can only be speculated. Below are a few of the possibilities for the Grand Theft Auto 6 Locations.

Hot Rumors for New GTA 6 Locations

There are some hot rumors popping out from reddit, Facebook and few more social media sites that Rockstar is working on totally new location with bigger and better Grand Theft Auto6 map. If you are fan of their vice city series then you will be happy to know that upcoming game will have great location with advanced graphic to make it more like realistic.

Idea of London

So far, this is the only location that GTA that had a setting, outside the United States. It was in Grand Auto Theft: London 1969, which was released in 1999. It is very highly likely that the same setting will be used in GTA 6, but with more enhanced features. This might be due to the fact that it was a major success in its first launch and fans got exactly what they needed, as attested by all the positive reviews that came from it. The roads of London are very well built with a feel of semi-urban locations that are fairly easily accessible, which might make a great story for the next GTA version. The immigrant problem of London, comical ugly strippers, patriotic community and heightened crime rate will make it the perfect set-up. This is not to mention the fact that almost more than half the job has already been done, thanks to that previous version of GTA that had the setting of London. As a gamer you can always use ps3, p4 or xbox 360 cheat codes to make your play easy.

gta vi location london map

Paris – The Highly rumored location for Grand Theft Auto 6

With the rich history that Paris has, it is quite surprising of how very few games have used it as their backdrop. The urban landscape of the city would be quite compelling to traverse, even though there is a lack of towering skyscrapers. The squat aesthetics of Paris, thanks to the vast system of tunnels running through its underground will make it a perfect location for an open-world game.

Chicago area – Talk of the town

Being a major city and among the most known in the US, Chicago would be a great fit for GTA 6. There are already many rumors pointing towards this city, most of them stating that instead of Grand Theft Auto 6, the next release will be called GTA: Lake City.

Why Rockstar should work on the location for GTA 6?

The location is one of the major ingredients of the game. It contributes a lot in terms of features, especially if it is to replicate a real-world location. Players of the game anticipate new set-ups and new adventures, and it would be so disappointing to them if they don’t get such new location from GTA6. Option will be available in the game to report GTA VI Glitches and error. Their team will respond to you, once they fix it.