GTA 6 Online Cheats and Hack Code News

GTA 5 was a historic success with sales totaling more than a billion US dollars within only the first three days. That alone is proof enough of the popularity of this amazing game. It is for those and many more reasons that the GTA fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the next version, GTA 6. A lot about the release date and features have been rumored and featured in news articles. Some of the reliable information gathered are as described below;

Grand Theft Auto 6 Possible Release date

An official announcement on the date of release is not yet out, but a hint has been given by Rockstar in the statement which said they still had a lot of ideas which they would wish to implement. This was said by the president of Rockstar North during a press conference. Judging from previous leads, an idea of when to expect the next release can be seen to be around 2018. In between, you can expect some other versions of the GTA game to be released such as GTA6 locations, City Stories.

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It is expected that GTA 6 will be released for the newest console PS4 as well as Xbox One. The high demand from PC users is also likely to make them launch a PC version as well.

Features and some Cheat Hacks of GTA 6

  • Female protagonist

A lot of criticism has been going around on the role of women in GTA 5. The results of this is that GTA 6 will likely introduce a female protagonist as the story line center.

  • VR compatibility

It is almost sure that GTA 6 will have virtual reality upgrades, meaning that players can now be part of the game itself. The concept might sound a bit dramatic but given the current levels of technology and rates at which it is upgrading, it just might be possible.

  • New city

One of the many new things that we expect with the next generation consoles is that it would move to a new city, away from those cities that they have already explored. This will bring in a great new thrill and adventure.

  • Customization

Before playing the game, you will be able to customize the main character. The customization will generally affect the appearance, attire and looks, turning the character into ideally one of your own making.

  • Missions

There are reports that the number of money making missions is going to be increased significantly. The missions to be increased are such like robbing banks or getting a job with the police or army among others. This are meant to give the game a more real feeling. Hackers are already working their way around making those missions easy, or by passing them to end up with free currencies

  • More vehicles

An addition of more vehicles is likely to be seen, including monster trucks such as Shelby GT500, Ford’s pickup track, and Chevy SS Camaros. Hacks on this should include the ability to unlock some of the locked cars before earning them.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Online Cheat Codes for Xbox and PlayStation

As with all the previous versions of the game, brilliant minds will try to come up with ways of hacking and cheating within the game. It is rumored however, that the security measures that will come with GTA 6 are going to be so tight. The hackers better brace themselves for a near impossible challenge, but only time will tell. You may not able to get any kind of gta 6 cheat apk or ios application.


Rockstar has never disappointed with any of their games and it is very unlikely that they will with the GTA 6. Only time can tell of the success that it will achieve. Rockstar is trying to make their game fully secure and also want to increase user experience. So you should not be strange if you won’t see any kind of grand theft 6 auto glitches in their upcoming version.