GTA 6 Trailer, Map, GamePlay and Characters

Grand Theft Auto is among the most popular games in the world and it is set to release its latest series-Grand Auto theft 6.The last series Grand Auto Theft 5 was released in the year 2013 and had huge success, which prompted the development of the next series.Though GTA 6 has not been released, there is every possibility that it will be released soon. Every game lover is eagerly anticipating the release of the series, but even before its release check out some of it’s amazing new feature.

The Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer

The exact release date of the trailer is not known, but there is a great assurance that it will be made available in 2015.Although there are a few trailers around on popular video sites like YouTube and vimeo. The various trailers points to how the game will eventually look like when it is released.The trailer of the upcoming series shows off stunning graphics made possible by current-generation hardware.The preview capture from PS4 reveals a flawless, magnificent world, with great attention to detail. The trailer shows a lot of improvements in illumination,reflection and impresses even more with realistic rain. The trailer briefly flashes through series of familiar story scenes and exotic location. Everything in the game looks improved from crowds of people made more real and richer with different outfits and diverse modeling to higher resolution for objects on desks and walls. The trailer also shows the animated shadow of a bird flying overhead with its shadow perfectly casted on the ground below. The Cam light reflection can be seen on the surface of a rippling fountain.

grand theft auto 6 uncoming trailer

When will trailer of GTA 6 be released?

Possible release date of the game GTA 6 will be in 2017, because the game trailer will be released late 2015, so we can expect the game in midyear 2017.Sony will soon release PlayStation 5, so it is expected that Rockstar will make the game suitable for the soon to be release PS4 Sony Console. Although Sony has not released an official statement regarding the release date of the console but it is likely to be released in the first few months of 2016.

 Some of the new GTA feature includes:

  • new weapons and activities
  • new foliage system
  • more wildlife
  • denser traffic
  • enhanced weather and damage effects

Highlighted below are some improved and astonishing features of the game


There are several cities considered as main city of the gameplay, it is still assumed that one of the cities in UK will be used in GTA 6. There is also strong indications that old cities used in the previous series will be revisited, making the game more entertaining than ever There are speculations that GTA 6 will possibly introduce a new city that will be set in Las Vegas. There are rumors going around that GTA 6 will be set again in vice city, the exact copy of Miami city. Most of this rumored location offer exciting twist to the story.

A female Character Introduced

There have been series of talk about the introduction of a female character in the previous series. The latest upcoming series GTA6 will make this happen. This is a feature that most avid game players have been looking forward to. The female protagonist is a new concept that is needed by the franchise, considering the way previous GTA series has portrayed women in the past. The new Grand Theft 6 game will probably feature multiplayer, since Rockstar had huge success with the release of Vice City online. The work that has been done on the online feature will be a platform for developing the multiplayer.

Customizing Main Character

An added new feature is an option for customizing and editing the main character before starting the game according to the players specification. Thus the player can give the main character a look that he likes.

Graphics Sharpness

In addition to all the wonderful features GTA 6 will come with more stunning graphics and impeccable quality.

New Professions and Missions

The old missions and professions will be replaced with new ones in GTA6. The new series will feature adrenalin pumping missions. Professions like Presidents of a country, professional spies and political leaders will be introduced in the new game. This will make sure you enjoy the gaming experience and make it possible to explore new professions and missions.

Time Period

Most game lovers are already bored with the setting of modern crime, in GrandTheftAuto 6 however there will be introduction of varied time periods: The mafia days of the 1970 will be brought back.

More Vehicles

The story will be a lot more interesting with the introduction of more vehicles, and not just ordinary vehicles but super fast with new speed. There will also be a new feature that makes it possible to modify the cars according to the specification of the player.

More Houses

As opposed to previous version, instead of been stuck in just one house, it will be possible to buy houses to live in so that the experience will not be monotonous.


The sneak peek of the map reveal that they are not as small as previously rumored, but it did look like there were fewer streets with airport. There are so many other exciting features that will come with the game. Just wait a little longer for the Release of the much awaited GTA 6