GTA 6 Vice City for Xbox 360 – Rumors and Release Date

In this page, I will provide all the details and rumors about upcoming GTA 6 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Know everything about trailer, release date, locations and more.

Years have passed since Rockstar introduced their Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA series is among the most highly anticipated series that perfectly combines role playing, crime and action-adventure games. With the huge success of its earlier predecessor, diehard fans are now anticipating the launch of the latest GTA 6 that is expected to take the thrill and adventure to the next level.

Rumors about GTA 6 Vice City for Xbox 360

If the rumors are true, GTA 6 could actually feature the entire map of the world. As for the location, it seems that Rockstar hasn’t yet decided on the location for the upcoming GTA6 franchise. While speculations seem that Vice City: Sin City will happen soon, there are also chances that the game will feature altogether the maps coming from the previous titles.

grand theft auto 6 for xbox 360 and ps3


In spite of speculations as to the possible setup of the next Grand Theft Auto, there are rumors that the next installment will go back in time, though there are no clues as to how far it will be.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Many GTA fans use the previous leads for predicting the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6. There is a high chance that Rocktar is going to be launched in later part of 2018. This will be featuring an enhanced gameplay and improved graphics. Industry grapevine also stated that the game will also be made available for Xbox One and the newest PS4 console.

It is said that not like the earlier series, there is now a possibility to customize the main character’s appearance. This feature is also going to include general appearance’s customization, which include appearance and features.

GTA 6 Trailer and Missions

It is assumed that the official trailer of the most anticipated game will be out later this year or earlier next year. But, considering that there is still no official confirmation that GTA 6 will really happen, having the trailer released this year might seem a bit far-fetched.

To fuel the excitement with the release of GTA 7, there are money making missions that are going to be included to provide further exploration. A few of these likely missions include having a job such as being part of the army, bank robbing and more. These missions are going to make the whole game feel much more real than ever before.

Gameplay and House Changes

In earlier series, you can purchase a house but this is only one house. But with Grand Theft Auto 6, there are going to be more houses and not only houses but actual apartments. Another amazing feature is the chance to edit the house’s details.

More Exciting Vehicles

GTA 5 has featured several vehicles. Even though these vehicles are great, still, there is no real feeling that can be associated with the concept of GTA. That is why the inclusion of monster trucks such as 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck, Chevy SS Camaros, Hot Rods, 1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck and 1967 Shelby GT500 is now being looked forward to by many fans.  Aside from these, GTA 6 will also be getting more advanced option like the ability for the player to modify bikes and cars. They can now add speakers, neon lights and other parts depending on the requirements of the player.

How to Download and Play GTA 6 Vice City on Xbox 360?

The process of downloading GTA 6 Vice City on Xbox 360 will likely be similar with the process used in the earlier versions. You might be able to get this at a certain fee from their official website or you can get its hacked version from other sites. You can also get this in DVD form and get a free key online.


With the highly anticipated release of Grand Theft Auto 6 for Xbox One and 360, there is no doubt that gamers will be getting their fill of their favorite game all over again in a whole new level. Expect that there will be more rumors to come out to keep you at the edge of your seat as you wait for its official release.