GTA 7 Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Characters

Rockstar is working for their upcoming GTA 7 and we have collected all the rumors about trailer, characters, release date, map, gameplay and much more about Grand Theft Auto 7.

The video game GTA, developed by Rockstar Games, is among the most popular game with a crazy number of following. It has already set sales records that are yet to be broken with the previous releases, and that only makes us wonder just how much more we expect to see in the future from Rockstar. The latest release, GTA 6, is still being sold and played with no news yet as for the release date of the next version. In fact, the developers are actually putting more effort on the improvement of the current version as opposed concentrating on the next since GTA 6 is already so much of a success.

gta 7 release date

The good news is that, the president of Rockstar already assured their fans that they have ideas worth over 45 year, which they are still working on for implementation in the next game. That is some sort of assurance that we are going to get a new version sometime in the future. GTA 6 is obviously going to be the first to be released, but we expect that it will be followed quite closely by Grand Theft Auto 7.

When is the GTA 7 Release date?

The release date of any future version of GTA is a very closely guarded secret of the Rockstar Games Company and all we can do is just speculate and make informed guesses. Judging from the previous release dates, we can develop a pattern and extrapolating from it, we can estimate the release date for GTA 7. The dates were as follows;

  • Grand Theft Auto – 1997
  • Grand Theft Auto 2 – 1999
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 – 2001
  • Grand Theft Auto 4 – 2008
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 – 2013

This gives an estimation of 2018 for GTA 6 and 2021 for GTA 7. The gap between the two will be unusually small as Rockstar will be trying to respond to the cry of their fans about the long waits for next versions.

Grand Theft Auto 7 Trailer and Platform

The current version, GTA 5, is available on all the modern platforms. For GTA 7, the expected consoles that could be used are;

PlayStation 5

This PS5 is actually yet to be released, with rumors claiming that Sony will release it during the last quarter of 2017 or early 2018. This gives ample time before the release of GTA 7 that makes us say with certainty that PS5 owners will be able to play GTA 7.

PlayStation 4

This is the currently the latest version and despite the fact that it will be considered quite old during the time of GTA 7 release, it is still going to be around and fans are expecting that it will be able to handle the game.

Xbox Two

This Microsoft console is also not yet released, but rumors have it that it will be available in 2018. GTA 7 will without a doubt be able to play in that version of the console

Xbox One

This is the current version of the console by Microsoft. It will be about ten years old during the release of GTA 7, but with its specifications, it is likely going to be able to handle the game.


GTA usually come with a PC version, and it is expected to be no different with GTA Vice City 7. Giving the required system requirements at this time is obviously not possible, but we are almost sure that a hardware upgrade on your PC will be required for the game to run smoothly.

grand theft auto 7 trailer and  gameplay

GTA 7 Location, features and characters


Leslie Benzies, the Rockstar Games president, has already given hints of what ideas they have for the next versions. One of them is that the main character will be changed. The number of the protagonists will also be increased. The main character might actually be a woman in both GTA 6 and GTA 7, according to the head writer of Rockstar Games. We should therefore just look forward to something quite extraordinary and amazing from the developers.


Normally, the main GTA action usually takes place in a real city prototype, but under a false name. It is not going to be any different for GTA 7. Rumors have it that they will take it to London, a city outside the American continent. Another set of rumors claim that there will be a long list of cities for a user to choose from, with high customization abilities. You will have the ability to freely travel between those cities.


  • The graphics of GTA 7 are expected to be better than ever seen before, with improve AI and physics. Everything in the game will be a little bit closer to looking real that it would be so difficult for an untrained eye to differentiate it from a movie.
  • A multiplayer mode will be introduced, though an internet connection will be required for this. This will make the game more fun and interesting.
  • Some mature content will also be featured in the game, with the option of turning on child mode. Such content may include swearing, stealing, violence, and nudity.
  • GTA 7 will introduce a new type of map. The map will have a lot more detail than in any previous game, and will be very responsive to movements. It will also include the zoom capabilities just like Google maps so that you can view all the details of any particular place accurately.
  • There is also a possibility of a new game engine being used for the Grand Theft Auto 7. Given the time difference between now and the release date of the game, and factoring in the growth rate of technology in the gaming industry, the chances of this happening are pretty high. The new engine is supposed to improve both game performance and quality by a good margin. You will actually be able to see a player enter into a building as opposed to just a loading screen as previously seen.
  • There will be an introduction of brand new vehicles and choppers as well, most of which will be prototypes of the newly released vehicles during the time of release.
  • The main player will also have access to an arsenal of weapons which will all vary in damage level and size.
  • Grand Theft Auto 7 will have its own in-game currency which will be used for purchase of items such as explosives, weapons and sex with prostitutes.

GTA 7: Worth to Wait for it

The Grand Theft Auto 7 is still a long way from being released, but that can only be an indication as to how good it will actually be when it finally gets here. The features expected from it makes it truly worth waiting for. I will regularly update this page with all the rumors and news, so please get back me to know more about vice city 7.