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The prediction of the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6 has become a very catchy business of late, probably owing to the major success of the previous version of the game. It is exactly what we will try to do in this article. A good place to start is to examine the history of Grand Theft Auto from the release of the first edition to the last.

free gta 6 full pc torrent download

The original GTA designed by DMA Design was released in the year 1997. This was later followed by GTA 2(London) by the same developers in the same year. DMA Design were done with the GTA 3 and released it in 2001. Rockstar North took over the development of all the subsequent releases. They developed Vice City and San Andreas which were released in 2002 and 2004 respectively. GTA 4 came in 2008 followed by GTA 5 in 2013. This trend is what we will use to predict the GTA 6 Release date. There are also hot rumored that Rockstar has 40 years of ideas for their game series and it will help them to make even Grand Theft Auto 7 too.

Statements and Rumors about GTA 6

There has been no official announcement concerning Grand Theft Auto 6, apart from a few statements here and there from which we can analyze and extract some information or confirm a few of the rumors that have been going around. Benzies Leslie stated, in a press conference, that they have 45 years’ worth of ideas that they wish to implement. He also mentioned GTA 6 somewhere in the speech confirming that it is indeed going to be the next release.

Basically, the developers of GTA do not wish for people to know a lot or talk about GTA 6 as the current version is still bringing in good sales and the talk of another release soon might hamper that. It would not be good for business. But we can’t help but notice from the statements that we are still a few years away from the release of GTA 6.

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DJ Whoo Kid also presented some form of confirmation that there is an ongoing process in terms of development of the next game. This came out when he confessed in an interview that he had done some music for a GTA game.

Rumors have it that Rockstar might be considering incorporating all the cities in a single game such that a player can simply get into a plane to go to any preferred city and enjoy the game. This is going to make the game quite large, but I bet it would be worth it.


The security and glitches of GTA 6 is likely going to be improved. Great care should be taken while performing any hack to avoid being banned.

Why should you download Grand theft auto 6?

Analyzing all these information and factoring in all the rumors arising from the die-hard fans of GTA, it only makes sense that GTA 6 will be released somewhere between 2018 and 2020. It is due to the many ideas that they wish to implement that it may take them that long before they release it. Adjusting everything to fit in with the new technology might also make it take a little bit longer than most fans would wish. The most accurate prediction places the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6 in the month of October, 2018.